NuClic offers you an enduring flooring solution without sacrificing brilliant design. Engineered to withstand the rigors of a high traffic commercial area but designed to compliment any space, our floating floors are easily installed using the patented Unilin system. By holding ourselves to a standard of excellence, we guarantee that our floors meet your every need. We want to be the foundation on which your next project is built on.

We’re doing our part to build new standards for flooring – won’t you join the revolution?

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Sustainable Flooring For All Generations

NuClic is committed to going green. It’s why our floors are manufactured using only recycled content on all our products. No adhesives result in less harmful by-products and zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) being produced – ensuring that our products are both safe and clean. Coated with a durable UV finish, our floating floors require less maintenance, which means more use and less waste. Add in a 30MIL protective wear layer and our products were built to endure.

By shrinking your carbon footprint you’re doing your part in protecting the environment. Join us in our commitment to building new standards in sustainable flooring.

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Soap and Water Is All You Need

NuClic promises to keep maintenance easy.

We designed a 100% waterproof floor that requires minimal daily maintenance. Coated with a durable UV finish and fortified with our 30MIL protective wear layer, we guarantee our floors will stand up to the test of time. Upholding the brilliance of your floors shouldn’t require expensive waxes or harsh chemicals. It should be easy. It should be safe. It should be as simple as soap and water.

Join us in our commitment to building new standards in easy maintenance.

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  • Simply Floating Floors
  • Simple Click & Drop Installation
  • No Heavy Tools Needed
  • Installs Over Most Existing Surfaces
  • Protected Against Moisture
  • 100% Waterproof, Not A Waterproofer
  • Install Where Moisture Is An Issue
  • Safeguard Against Warping & Buckling
  • Standing On Perfection
  • Quiet & Comfortable On The Toes
  • Built-in Silencing Layer
  • Soundproof Yet Durable